Miami Reef Clean-up


Miami diving isn’t what it used to be. Ask anyone who has lived, fished, snorkeled, dove, or vacationed here for decades. The recent dredging of the Port of Miami (see article here) and runoff from Okeechobee (article here) run by the Army Corps of Engineers is destructive to local merchants and people of South Florida who base their livelihood on ecotourism and the oceans. As a dive professional, I have noticed more and more trash on the reefs and dive sites that we regularly visit. As a single diver, my impact has been relatively low, but I seek donations to tidy up the reefs which have accumulated horrific amounts of waste from the nearby metropolis (article here), most of which takes decades to break down. As of now, local dive shops have yet to coordinate effective clean-up efforts.


If this is a cause you feel strongly about, please donate so that we can organize teams of divers to visit heavily impacted reef sites. Your donation is greatly appreciated!

-Blue Heart of the Planet

Sponsor the Miami reef clean-up

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