Agriculture is biocide…


“Start with a piece of land–a forest, a prairie, a wetland. In its native state the land is covered with a multitude of plants, working in concert with the microfauna–bacteria, fungi, yeasts–and with animals from insects to mammals. The plants are the producers, turning sunlight into mass, creating both the oxygen-rich atmosphere for the rest of us to breathe, and the topsoil on which the rest of us depend. This is called a perennial polyculturePerennial because most of the plants live many years, sequestering carbon in their cellulose bodies, forming miles of vast root systems through the soil. Polyculture because there’s so many of them, all cooperating, competing, contributing; all filling a niche with a necessary function. Perennial polycultures are how nature protects and builds topsoil, how life has organized itself to produce more.6a00e009822691883300e54fcfc2dd8834-800wi

This is what agriculture is: you take a piece of land and you clear every living thing off it, down to the bacteria. Then you plant it to human use with a tiny handful of species, often endless miles of a single plant like corn, soy, wheat. The animals are killed, often to extinction. They simply have nowhere to go. There were somewhere between 60 and 100 million bison in the United States in 1491. Now there are 350,000 bison, and only 12 to 15 thousand of those are pure bison that were not crossbred with domestic cattle. The land held between 425,000 and a million wolves; only 10,000 now remain. Some species of ground-dwelling birds were wiped out before they even had names (European names, that is; I’m sure the indigenous peoples knew what to call them). The North American prairie has been reduced to 2 percent of its original size and the topsoil, once twelve feet deep, can now only be measured in inches…

Agriculture is a catastrophe that never allows the land to heal… 

The only land left is the stuff agriculturalists can’t use: too cold, too hot, too steep, too dry.66-researcherss

And agriculture isn’t quite a war because the forests and wetlands and prairies, the rain, the soil, the air, can’t fight back. Agriculture is really more like ethnic cleansing, wiping out the indigenous dwellers so the invaders can take the land. It’s biotic cleansing, biocide. ‘In the history of civilization…the plowshare has been far more destructive than the sword.’ It is not non-violent. It is not sustainable. And every bite of its food is laden with death.”

-The Vegetarian Myth

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